Microsoft Adoption Consultant

The mission of Indiana University is primarily accomplished using Microsoft products; Microsoft 365, Teams, Office, SharePoint, Exchange, Copilot, and Windows all play a critical role. Using a collaborative approach, the Principal Microsoft Adoption Consultant can help you and your team solve problems, organize projects, track tasks, and collaborate more efficiently using Microsoft 365 at IU.

Specifically, we can help you use Microsoft 365 to:

  • Streamline communication within and across university groups.
  • Organize and complete projects efficiently.
  • Keep track of daily tasks to get work done.
  • Collaborate with groups inside and outside the university.
  • Learn about how Microsoft 365 tools are used across the institution.

To get started, schedule a consultation.

Learn how to use Microsoft 365 tools and applications to their full potential to improve your work and advance the mission of Indiana University.