Microsoft Student Ambassadors

The goal of the Microsoft Student Ambassadors is to drive adoption of Microsoft products by students at IU using a peer education approach.  Microsoft Student Ambassadors develop technology skills by using Microsoft products for work and academic projects, then share their personal experiences with their fellow students.  Through relatable demonstration, the Microsoft Student Ambassadors encourage students to see Microsoft 365 as a set of valuable tools that can help bolster academic and professional success.  


1.35 million companies in the US and 80% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft products.   


  • Kelley Compass 1 & 2 Classes
  • Career Development Center
  • IU Libraries' Friday Finish
  • X150 Class Visits
  • Kelley Undergraduate Career Services

Meet the Student Ambassadors

Contact Us

The Microsoft Ambassadors can be reached through DEPI Student Outreach.